Prostate Cancer – Masturbation Zinc Testosterone Link

Prostate is one of the most common cancer in men and affects mostly older men. 99 Percent of prostate cancer occur in men over the age of 50. But It can affect people in the age group 30 to 50, but rare. What ever your age is, Please try to carefully understand the tips and concepts in this episode and watch it till the end. This will certainly help in prevention of prostate cancer. Do not take it lightly and this is not a Joke because Prevention is better that Cure!

Now, lets list out 10 very useful causes and Facts and Myths that can cause prostate cancer one by one.

10: Family History & Genetics: If you have someone in your family, I mean blood relation and first degree relation, who suffered from prostate cancer, you are more likely to develop prostate cancer than the general population. But please do not panic, watch this episode till the end, so that you can take some preventive measures and get rid of this risk.

9: Diet: People who eat large amounts of fatty food and low vegetable diet, particularly red meat and other sources of animal fat that’s cooked at high heat. The diet risk factor relationship with prostate cancer is probably hormonal. Fats stimulate increased production of testosterone and other hormones, and testosterone acts to speed the growth of prostate cancer.

Before I list out the other Risk factors and causes, lets try to understand how this prostate cells become cancerous. You all know cancer means uncontrolled multiplication of abnormal cells in your body in simple words. Please watch this section carefully and with patience.

There are two hypothesis on how prostate cancer cells are stimulated at molecular level.
One is the Androgen/Testosterone theory and the other is Zinc Hypothesis. Its not easy to understand these concepts for everyone.  Will try to make it simple.

The ‘androgen hypothesis’ states that prostate cancer development and progression is driven by androgens – that’s male hormone testosterone, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy has the theoretical potential to drive prostate cancer development and progression. In simple words too much testosterone may cause prostate cancer. You know! Surgical Removal of Testes – that’s known as Orchidectomy is one of the treatment steps in Prostate Cancer?

Zinc Hypothesis: The normal prostate cells accumulate zinc to produce citrate which is a common component of semen. Prostate cancer cells do not have zinc. This allows prostate cancer cells to save energy by not making this citrate, and  this extra energy is utilized to grow and spread cancer cells. Its all at genetic level and difficult to understand. But this hypothesis does not prove that taking too much zinc supplements will prevent prostate cancer.

Well, now lets continue with the risk factors and causes.

8: Hypertension: Men with high blood pressure are prone to develop prostate cancer. So for youngsters, please watch out your lifestyle.

7: Lack of Exercise: Also carries a small risk of prostate cancer. So make it a habit to exercise regularly. Atleast 30 minute a day for 5 days a week.

6: Vitamin D: Lower blood levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. So get your vitamin D levels tested atleast once in a year. You know 70 percent of population is deficient in Vitamin D levels. You can watch my detailed video on Vitamin D deficiency signs and symptoms and easy methods of treatment and prevention of this problem.  This video is linked to a card at top right corner and also at end screen and description of this video. You can go there later, but Lets complete this first.

5: Medications: There are some links between prostate cancer and drugs like Statins which lower the cholesterol levels in blood. These drugs decrease prostate cancer risk because testosterone is synthesised from Cholesterol according to our Androgen Hypothesis explained already.

4: Infections: Infection or inflammation of prostate called prostatitis may increase the chance for prostate cancer. This happens by increasing blood flow to the area and increasing the activity of cells. Specially if this infection is from STDs- that’s Sexually Transmitted diseases. So you must know, you have to be careful and use nice preventive measures to prevent these STDs.

3:Cadmium and other Carcinogenic chemical exposure and  in occupational workers like Welders, battery manufacturers, rubber workers are more prone according to some studies.

2: Smoking: is also a risk factor not only for lung cancer, but also prostate cancers.

1: Sexual and other Habits: Infact there is very little evidence that frequent ejaculations can prevent prostate cancer, Its not yet proved that a link exists between prostate cancer and an active sex life or masturbation. Neither any link with vasectomy,  circumcision and most importantly no link between BPH and prostate cancer. For those who do not know, BPH is a common noncancerous condition called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Most men as they age will experience an enlarged prostate as they age which is called BPH.

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Today we will look into 10 Shocking Myths, Facts and Frequently Asked Questions on Hairloss and Baldness – like Can Rubbing your nails regrow hair, Shampooing or washing hair daily causes hair loss, Balding men have high testosterone, Does excessive Masterbation cause hair-loss,  Is Finasteride a steroid, Wearing Helmets can make your bald, Can Salty water or sea water cause hair loss and many other myths and facts revealed in this article.

And remember these will certainly  help you gain some insight into what’s causing hair loss, and help you get effective hair loss treatment as early as possible.

So Lets Begin:

#10: If your Parents had hair, you too will and If they were bald you too will !
 This is a commonly asked and commonly misinterpreted myth. This is actually not true. You not necessarily inherit baldness if you father or mother were bald and infact this is a complex thing and not as simple as you think. In fact, hair loss is polygenetic: meaning a random mix of genes of your entire family tree.

#9: Wearing hats or Helmets can cause baldness!
This is another big myth. People often say your hair cannot breath when you wear hats or helmets. This is not true, because the hair that you see above your skin is not a living structure but your hair follicle thats embedded into the skin gets its nutrients and oxygen from the blood supply and not from air and we have discussed this in my previous episode. And One point to remember is if you are wearing a really tight hat, maybe that can cause traction alopecia due to too tight pressure on areas where it contacts your head.

#8: Washing or Shampooing Your Hair Daily Causes Hairloss!
This is another big myth on hair loss. Washing your hair simply removes the hair that is already loose – that’s in Telogen and exogen phase and not anagen phase. 80 percent of your hair are in anagen or growing phase which do not easily fall off. You can check my detailed animated video on Hair growth cycle to understand how hair grow and prevent hair loss by things that prolong this growing phase or anagen phase.

#7: Rubbing You Finger Nails can Regrow Hair and prevent Baldness!
This is the biggest myth of the century. They claim rubbing your finger nails against one another for 5 to 10 minutes once or twice daily can prevent hair fall and even regrow hair. They say some nerve endings in nails or under the nails are stimulated which are directly connected to scalp. Remember Nails are a dead tissue made of of just keratin, they do not have any blood supply or nerve supply.

#6: Hair Loss Stops as Men Age like above 50.
No, Once male pattern baldness or hair loss starts it continues over a person’s lifetime. But it’s hard to estimate the rate of hair loss. In general, the younger you were when you started losing hair, the more likely you are to become completely bald. Again it also depends on many other factors including your unlucky genes. And this answers your question on how long should I continue to use hair loss medications – perhaps as long as you need hair.

#5: Salty water or Sea Water causes hair loss!
Contrary to the popular belief that salty or sea water causes hair loss and makes you bald, the fact is that sea water is actually beneficial to your scalp and therapeutic for certain skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. It s also very useful for people with oily skin and oily hair plus It acts as an exfoliant to your scalp and prevents dandruff and fungal infections of the scalp. And infact Heavily chlorinated water what we get in cities and swimming pools is bad for your hair.

#4: Balding Men have High levels of Testosterone!
Some people think that bald guys have lot of testosterone and lot of libido and they have a promiscuous behaviour.  This is not True! Testosterone is not the cause for male pattern baldness, and infact testosterone is a youth hormone and keep your hair thick and dense.
The real hormone responsible for male pattern baldness is DHT – that s Di Hydroxytestosterone which is a byproduct of testosterone formed by the enzyme 5-Alpha reductase.

Now please listen to this carefully.

People think that too much testosterone may result in too much formation of DHT and can cause hairloss. The actual facts are:

  1. Hair loss has been observed in both high and low testosterone males.
  2. And studies have shown that men who go bald and those who do not have the same levels of testosterone. Its actually about how sensitive your hair follicles are to the action of DHT which causes miniaturization of hair follicles. And what determines this sensitivity? Most likely your genetics.
    We have discussed this in detail in one of my videos on hair loss. If you have not watched that yet, I will link that at the end screen and also in description of this video.

#3: The Drug Finasteride is a steroid?
Many people in my previous episode on hair loss treatments have commented that finasteride is a steroid and they have even misspelled it as Finasteroid. This is not true. Its just an 5 alpha reductase inhibitor medication that prevents formation of DHT and helps in male pattern baldness. Of course like every other drug even finasteride has some side effects in a certain percentage of people.

#2: Stress can Cause Hairloss!
Yes this is true. Prolonged Stress can lead to hair loss, whether due to illness or whether its emotional stress. But this type of hair loss is usually temporary and completely reversible when you are out of stress.

#1: Does Excessive Masterbation cause Hairloss:
I have already discussed this in one of my other article.  But I would like to add some more info here. I have never said that this causes male pattern baldness. The main point to remember is the sensitivity of your hair follicles to the action of DHT is more important than discussing on whether these habits can cause baldness. Its not the levels of testosterone and nor its conversion to DHT causes baldness. It’s the genetic susceptibility of hair follicle to the action of DHT. So people who have those unlucky genes, should be careful and try to maintain healthy habits like good foods that help keep your hair healthy and also try to get as much authentic knowledge on hairloss topics as possible. You can check my entire playlist on Hair loss containing useful videos like foods for hairloss, bad habits that can cause hair loss, PRP stem cell therapy and new ongoing research of Way-316606 drug for hair loss and many other useful topics.


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Good News! Mesotherapy and PRP Treatment will Reverse Baldness

Imagine your scalp as land or garden and hair as plants, These 3 Treatments am gonna discuss today work like fertilizers to your hair. Yes In todays episode we will discuss on these 3 recent advances in Hair loss treatment that really work wonders in reversing hair loss and cure baldness. These are PRP treatment, Mesotherapy and Stem cell therapy. All of these are simple scalp injections that can be compared to tilling your garden soil and pushing the fertilizers to the roots of plants that’s hair follicles and cells, generating new growth and strengthening your existing hair.

But before we start, please take a moment to click on the Subscribe button as well as the bell icon next to it so that you receive notification whenever we add another useful episode.

Hair loss or Alopecia is a very common problem affecting both males and females. Almost 60-70% of the population suffer from some sort of hair fall or hair thinning in their lives. Fortunately, Recent advances in Medical fields can help reverse hair loss and regrow the lost hair in most cases.  In todays episode we will discuss about the latest and Guaranteed treatments for hair loss – PRP or platelet rich plasma injections, Mesotherapy and Stem cell therapy. They are actually not that complicated as they sound and they are without any substantial side effects.

In previous episode we have already discussed on the cause and the mechanism by which Hair loss specially male pattern baldness happens through the hormone DHT and how you can reverse hair loss by using DHT blockers. That’s an important episode and I request You to watch that episode from an end screen link at the end of this episode or from a link in description below this video.

So lets begin with:

  1. PRP Treatment: PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma. You all know RBCs, WBCs and Platelets in our blood. Platelets are tiny cells with functions like blood clotting, wound healing and repair and regeneration of cells for healing.
    Studies have shown that injecting platelets in areas of tissue damage promotes faster healing and recovery. The same concept is used by PRP therapy. Here you take a small blood sample from patient and apply centrifugal process in lab to separate platelets and using this concentration of activated platelets,  we treat hair loss or hair thinning, by injecting it into the affected area or areas of the scalp. Do not get scared they are not deeper injections but only very superficial injections in the scalp skin layers.  So, The blood platelets stimulate or repair hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth and you get great results in about 3 to 6 months.

The procedure hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes and not expensive. Depending on the severity of hair loss, we recommend twice a month initially to once a month and then once every three months as a maintenance therapy.

And most importantly, you have absolutely no side effects because its your own blood platelets.  That’s really great news!


  1. MESOTHERAPY: This is similar procedure like PRP injections but here you inject a solution called anti hair loss solution containing hyaluronic acid along with a concoction of nutrients and enzymes that nourish and promote hair growth. Some dermatologists Combine PRP and Mesotherapy. That means they mix this anit hair loss solution with PRP syringe and complete this two in one procedure in one sitting for faster and better results. When you are visiting your dermatologist, you can request for this type of procedure if you wish.

Mesotherapy sometimes can cause scalp irritation and allergic reaction in some people.


  1. STEM CELL THERAPY: This procedure is again similar to PRP and mesotherapy. But here stem cells are injected on to the scalp skin. These stem cells are produced in lab from from unviable embryo, unviable foetal stem cells or bovine stem cells and so on. Stem cells are special cells that help in healing the injured and inflamed tissues. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate or change into any cell that the body needs, at any point in time, and with this method, the cells substitute the injured or damaged cells.
    This is used to treat severe hairloss problems. They do carry some side effects like enlarged and swollen or painful neck lymph nodes and and sometime face and scalp swelling, fever, etc.

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Guaranteed Treatments for Male Pattern Baldness – HAIR LOSS DHT LINK

In This Complete Hairloss Guide – Proven Treatment for Hair loss in men is DHT blocking. Di Hydroxy Testosterone is the hormone responsible for Male Pattern Baldness. How the hormone DHT causes Hairloss in male pattern baldness and does excessive masturbation cause hairloss and finally on the DHT blocking agents and natural foods and cures that can reverse or prevent hairloss.

Whatever your age is, If you have noticed hair thinning or receding hairline, you may be wondering whats going on! Is it stress? A bad diet? Unlucky genes? Or is it a lifestyle factor? And Finally a question – Can this be Fixed!.

The Good news is Yes! IT can be fixed. There earlier your start the faster and better the results are. Please follow this video till the end and you may not require any other video to know about hairloss and its guaranteed treatment.

We will First Quickly Understand the Mechanism by which Male Pattern Baldness happens:

Hair loss in men is primarily caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male steroid hormone that binds to receptors in your scalp follicles and in genetically susceptible men, DHT can bind to receptors in your hair follicles and cause them to shrink, weaken and eventually die. This process is called ‘miniaturization,’ and it eventually leads to a complete end of hair growth in DHT-affected hair follicles.

SO How is this DHT produced in your body? Its made from the male hormone Testosterone through the 5Alpha-Reductase enzyme — an enzyme that converts a certain percentage of your testosterone into DHT. So Blocking the production of DHT at this level will certain help prevent hair loss.

But the fact of the matter is that DHT is an important hormone for hair growth in other areas of the body like your beard, chest hair, arm pits and pubic hair and so on. Meaning the same hormone that’s responsible for causing male pattern baldness is also responsible for fueling the growth of hair on your chest, back and other areas.

But remember one thing, its all at genetic level and the DHT receptors. If you have male pattern baldness due to this mechanism which is the most common cause of male baldness, HERE ARE 10 tips, agents, medications, natural remedies and habits that can reduce the levels of DHT and slow down or completely prevent or even reverse male pattern baldness.

  1. FINASTERIDE 1MG PER DAY: This is an FDA approved medication you can start with a small dose of 1 mg per day to slow down male pattern baldness. Finasteride blocks the enzyme 5-Alpha reductase and prevent formation of DHT from testosterone. And one more fact about Finasteride is it can also cause miniaturized hair follicles damaged by DHT to start to grow back. That Great news! This is commonly marketed by trade names like propecia, finpecia, etc.
  2. MINOXIDIL SOLUTION: This actually works by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles. This allows more oxygen, blood, and nutrients to the follicles. Its also thought to prevent DHT action on the hairfollicles but its not well understood. Well you can use 2% to 12% depending on the severity of your hairloss. I recommend 5% solution twice daily applied to your scalp, mind you its on the scalp not on the hair. Or if you want to use it once daily 10% solution at bedtime.

Well, please stay tuned. Its not over yet. Lets Continue with more treatment options and natural remedies for hairloss that really work.

  1. BEST COMBO TREATMENT: finasteride 1mg per day in combination with minoxidil 5 to 10 percent solution on scalp is the most effective treatment available for male pattern baldness. But never stop the treatment suddenly, it can cause rebound hairloss. If you skip one or two days that’s fine, but never completely stop it. There are hardly any side effects of these medications. But if you experience any problems always consult your doctor.
  2. DHT Blocking Shampoos: are out in the market. They do help if used in conjunction with other DHT blocking stuff like finasteride. The components of these are DHT blockers mostly natural like the saw-palmetto. We will discuss this next.
  3. SAW PALMETTO: Studies have shown that this naturally occurring substance block the enzyme and hence DHT. Sawplametto is approved in many countries and you get capsules of this substance along with multi vitamin and zinc magnesium supplements. One brand name I remember is Capsule Harvest.
  4. OHER FOODS LIKE PUMPSKIN SEEDS and Pyegeum Bark block DHT. Pumpkin seeds contains a steroid called delta-7 stearine, which blocks DHT buildup in the hair follicle.
  5. LYCOPENE: Is another substance that blocks DHT. Its found in Tomatoes, watermelon, carrots, mangoes
  6. Amino acid L-Lysine – found in Almonds, walnuts, peanuts also helps to some extent.
  7. ZINC: This is important! But studies have shown that zinc might block DHT only on higher doses which may not be appropriate for human consumption. SO zinc won’t increase your hair growth, but helps to strengthen the hair by nourishing the follicles by reducing inflammation.
  8. MASTURBATION AND HAIRLOSS:  This is still a controversial topic. But I will just tell you some scientific facts and things that happen in your body and you decide yourself. When you masturbate or ejaculate, the Testosteone levels rise and DHT formation also should rise due to the availability of lots of testosterone. But one fact to remember is: this might increase DHT but again, this action may be important for genetically predisposed individuals and not everyone will go bald. I think genetically predisposed people should be careful about this and hold on till enough scientific data on this is available. You must also know that anything in excess is BAD!


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