Good News! Mesotherapy and PRP Treatment will Reverse Baldness

Imagine your scalp as land or garden and hair as plants, These 3 Treatments am gonna discuss today work like fertilizers to your hair. Yes In todays episode we will discuss on these 3 recent advances in Hair loss treatment that really work wonders in reversing hair loss and cure baldness. These are PRP treatment, Mesotherapy and Stem cell therapy. All of these are simple scalp injections that can be compared to tilling your garden soil and pushing the fertilizers to the roots of plants that’s hair follicles and cells, generating new growth and strengthening your existing hair.

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Hair loss or Alopecia is a very common problem affecting both males and females. Almost 60-70% of the population suffer from some sort of hair fall or hair thinning in their lives. Fortunately, Recent advances in Medical fields can help reverse hair loss and regrow the lost hair in most cases.  In todays episode we will discuss about the latest and Guaranteed treatments for hair loss – PRP or platelet rich plasma injections, Mesotherapy and Stem cell therapy. They are actually not that complicated as they sound and they are without any substantial side effects.

In previous episode we have already discussed on the cause and the mechanism by which Hair loss specially male pattern baldness happens through the hormone DHT and how you can reverse hair loss by using DHT blockers. That’s an important episode and I request You to watch that episode from an end screen link at the end of this episode or from a link in description below this video.

So lets begin with:

  1. PRP Treatment: PRP means Platelet Rich Plasma. You all know RBCs, WBCs and Platelets in our blood. Platelets are tiny cells with functions like blood clotting, wound healing and repair and regeneration of cells for healing.
    Studies have shown that injecting platelets in areas of tissue damage promotes faster healing and recovery. The same concept is used by PRP therapy. Here you take a small blood sample from patient and apply centrifugal process in lab to separate platelets and using this concentration of activated platelets,  we treat hair loss or hair thinning, by injecting it into the affected area or areas of the scalp. Do not get scared they are not deeper injections but only very superficial injections in the scalp skin layers.  So, The blood platelets stimulate or repair hair follicles and encourage hair regrowth and you get great results in about 3 to 6 months.

The procedure hardly takes 20 to 30 minutes and not expensive. Depending on the severity of hair loss, we recommend twice a month initially to once a month and then once every three months as a maintenance therapy.

And most importantly, you have absolutely no side effects because its your own blood platelets.  That’s really great news!


  1. MESOTHERAPY: This is similar procedure like PRP injections but here you inject a solution called anti hair loss solution containing hyaluronic acid along with a concoction of nutrients and enzymes that nourish and promote hair growth. Some dermatologists Combine PRP and Mesotherapy. That means they mix this anit hair loss solution with PRP syringe and complete this two in one procedure in one sitting for faster and better results. When you are visiting your dermatologist, you can request for this type of procedure if you wish.

Mesotherapy sometimes can cause scalp irritation and allergic reaction in some people.


  1. STEM CELL THERAPY: This procedure is again similar to PRP and mesotherapy. But here stem cells are injected on to the scalp skin. These stem cells are produced in lab from from unviable embryo, unviable foetal stem cells or bovine stem cells and so on. Stem cells are special cells that help in healing the injured and inflamed tissues. Stem cells have the ability to differentiate or change into any cell that the body needs, at any point in time, and with this method, the cells substitute the injured or damaged cells.
    This is used to treat severe hairloss problems. They do carry some side effects like enlarged and swollen or painful neck lymph nodes and and sometime face and scalp swelling, fever, etc.

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