Early signs and symptoms of diabetes often go undetected or un noticed because they may not seem that serious. Here in this video, I am gonna educate you about these so that you can pickup diabetes early and start preventive measures. Here by Diabetes I refer to Diabetes Type II DM.

What Is Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease in which your body cannot produce enough insulin, cannot use insulin, or a mix of both. In diabetes, sugar levels in the blood go up. This can cause complications if left uncontrolled.

what are its hazards?
1. Diabetes raises the risk of cardiovascular disease and can cause problems with your eyes, skin, kidneys, and nervous system.
2. Erectile dysfunction and urologic issues are possible symptoms of diabetes in men.

Fortunately, many of these complications are preventable or treatable with awareness and attention to your health.
Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes
Some of the mildest early diabetes symptoms include:
• frequent urination (Polyurea)
• unusual fatigue (tiredness)
• blurring of vision
• weight loss, even without dieting
• tingling or numbness in hands and feet
Watch out for bacterial infections in your eyelids (styes), hair follicles (folliculitis), or fingernails or toenails. Additionally, make note of any stabbing/shooting pains in your hands and feet. All of these are signals that you may be experiencing complications from diabetes.
Diabetes Symptoms Specific in Men are
Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. It can be a symptom of many health issues, including high blood pressure, stress, smoking, medication, kidney disease, and circulatory or nervous system conditions.
Retrograde Ejaculation
Men with diabetes can also face retrograde ejaculation. This results in some semen being released into the bladder. Symptoms may include noticeably less semen released during ejaculation.
Urologic Issues
Urologic issues can occur in men with diabetes due to diabetic nerve damage. These include an overactive bladder, inability to control urination, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).
Risk Factors in Men
Many factors can increase your risk for experiencing complications from diabetes, including:
• smoking
• being overweight
• avoiding physical activity
• having high blood pressure or high cholesterol
• being older than 40
Quitting or reducing smoking, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight are all highly effective ways to prevent the onset of diabetes.
I will discuss in detail about The Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus in my next videos.
So the Take home message:
You can still live well with diabetes. With healthy lifestyle behaviors and proper medications.


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