In this post and video below you see a comparison between the commercial uv sterilizer corona fighter box which is 200 USD and the DIY cheap sanitizer box for covid-19 virus which perfectly sterilizes the n95 masks without damaging the mask efficiency.

Things you need:


Philips UV light 11 Watt –

Electronic Choke –

Plastic Box

Aluminium Foil


Please follow this video till the end and see the comparison of this DIY disinfection box and the commercial costly uv light sterilizer for coronavirus which is infact certified by major organisations.

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Latest News: Deadly Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic with Treatment & Prevention

Here’s a look at every important point, you need to know about the new deadly Chinese coronavirus. This newly identified coronavirus has been spreading in China, and has now reached several other countries.

  1. Where did the Virus Come From?

Since the virus first popped up in Wuhan, China, in people who had visited a local seafood and animal market and the scientists say they originated from two kinds of snakes, the many-banded krait and the Chinese cobra.


  1. Can the virus spread from one person to another?

Yes! Coronavirus can spread between an infected person and others via:

  • the air (from viral particles from a cough or sneeze);
  • close person to person contact (touching or shaking hands);
  • through an object or surface with viral particles on it (then touching your mouth, nose or eyes); and
  • rarely from fecal contamination.


  1. How would this virus cause a pandemic?
    To become a pandemic, it needs to do three things: efficiently infect humans, replicate in humans and then spread easily among humans. But according to sources, Right now, this virus is spreading between humans in a limited manner, but they are still investigating.


  1. What are the symptoms of the new coronavirus?
    The main symptoms of the new coronavirus include fever, cough and difficulty breathing.  Despite sharing some symptoms that were similar to SARS virus, there are some important differences, such as the absence of upper respiratory tract symptoms like runny nose, sneezing and sore throat and intestinal symptoms like diarrhea.


  1. What is the Treatment for this Coronavirus Infection?
    There are no specific treatments for coronavirus infections and most people will recover on their own. So treatment involves rest and medication to relieve symptoms. If you are mildly sick, you should drink a lot of fluids and rest but if you are worried about your symptoms, you should see a healthcare provider, especially children, the elderly and the immunocompromised. Moreover, There is no vaccine for the new coronavirus but researchers at the U.S. National Institutes of Health confirmed they were in preliminary stages of developing one.


  1. How to Prevent the spread of the coronavirus?
    The Chinese government has stopped most of the travel to and from Wuhan as well as 12 other nearby cities, according to The New York Times. This “lockdown” affects about 35 million people, the Times reported.


  1. How can people protect themselves and others?
    You should avoid contact with sick people, avoid dead or alive animals, animal markets or products that come from animals such as uncooked meat. You should often wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Other steps to follow are: wearing a face mask, covering your coughs and sneezes and washing your hands.


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Today’s article is a good news for all hair loss patients including both men and women. Yes this is on the most recent treatment for hair loss by Replicel – that’s RCH-01.

This RCH-01 hair loss treatment trial has completed its phase 1 clinical trials with some strong positive data. In this video, will know the latest happenings on this Replicel company’s RCH-01 hair restoration product, the so called permanent baldness cure.

We will also learn how this products works – that is the mechanism of action and how this is used on a patient with alopecia.

The latest news! As on On March 05 2019, RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. announced its successful completetion of phase 1 human clinical trials of  its product RCH-01 – Hair Cell restoration product for the treatment of male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.

The company RepliCel was first set up in Japan in 2013 and now in partnership with Shiseido, together have brought a  lot of changes since then.  Shiseido, has currently funded a human clinical study of RCH-01 at Tokyo Medical University Hospital and Toho University Ohasi Medical Center in Japan.

With the clinical study of RCH-01 now successfully completed in Japan, RepliCel expects Shiseido to declare its near-term plans for RCH-01.

RCH 01 has Alternative Names: DSC cell therapy – RepliCel; Hair cell replacement therapy – RepliCel; Human autologous hair follicle cells RepliCel Hair-01

This RCH-01 is based on the principle of advanced cellular regeneration involving the dermal sheath cup cells, hence its also called DSC cell therapy.

Replicel’s RCH-01 hair growth treatment is done by first extracting and then culturing a person’s own hair follicle cells and then re-injecting the modified DHT resistant hair follicle cells back into their scalp.

What they do is Firstly, through a simple punch biopsy, they isolate the cells from healthy hair follicles from the patient’s scalp. Then the hair follicles are dissected and the dermal papilla portion is cut off. This dermal papilla is the region where the DHT receptors are located and are responsible for damage by the DHT – that’s dihydroxytestosterone.  If you have n’t watched my DHT and hair loss episode, please check that from an endscreen link to understand this mechanism.
Well, These cells are removed from the remaining follicle and cultured in a growth medium. The cells are replicated or multiplied into millions of new cells and then these are drawn into a syringe. This syringe is inserted into the patients scalp skin and injected back into the patient.  Remember, these are patient’s own replicated cells and hence no adverse reaction or side effects and this is very much similar to PRP treatment for hair loss, where patients own platelet rich plasma is injected. You can also check out my detailed video on this PRP mesotherapy for hairloss.
Well, These cells after injection into the scalp, scatter and migrate to attach to the dormant hair follicles and rejuvenate and stimulate them to grow further and also they have the ability to induce the formation of new healthy hair follicles and multiply over a period of time to give rise to new hair which emerges out of the skin surface.

More details should be disclosed by the company once they launch the product.

The Current Status of the product: Shiseido’s Japan phase 1 clinical trial started in 3rd quarter 2016 is now complete as per company’s website and news. Now whether they enter into phase 2 or directly launch the product. Its still not clear. But likely possibility is the treatment could become available in 2020. Because of the strong positive data from this trial, there is a strong possibility that Shiseido might decide to launch the product in Japan first. So keep your fingers crossed for the launch.


Study Results phase 1 –

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Hello Friends and Patients! Today we will look into a proven Do It Yourself (DIY) hair loss treatment combination that really works to regrow hair in both men and women.  We will learn everything about the inexpensive Derma Rollers plus a miracle secret combo treatment that really works wonders to cure baldness. We will also learn How to correctly use derma rollers, What else you can get rid of using these simple microneedling devices, what precautions to take and other useful tips.


  1. What is a Derma Roller?Also called Derma rolling, Microneedling and also collagen induction treatment. It’s a simple DIY procedure in which thousands of tiny little needles are inserted into the surface of skin using a rolling or a stamping device. Do not get scared! Though it looks invasive and scary, the needles are just about 0.25 mm or 0.5 mm deep for the task. It can be safely used at home without any dermatologist consultation.


  1. What does this Derma Roller actually do – that is the Mechanism of Action ?

Rolling tiny needles on your skin induces minute microscopic wounds underneath the skin layers which induces collagen and elastin production.  We will not go into the detailed molecular level on how this happens. But Just remember two things that happen after Microneedling,
a] Neocollagenesis – meaning production of new collagen tissue under the skin and
b) Neovascularisation meaning formation of new blood vessels or capillaries which happen due to release of growth factors following needle piercing of the stratum corneum layer of the skin.


  1. What are the Medical Uses of Derma Rollers?

Apart from Hair regrowth and baldness treatment, its primarily used to treat:

  • Acne scar removal and also for
  • Facial Rejuvenation and anti aging treatment
  • Transdermal drug delivery – like PRP and mesotherapy can be combined with derma rolling.
  1. What size derma roller should I select?

Derma rollers size is based on its micro needle size ranging from 0.2mm to 3mm depending on what you want to treat. Like for removing deeper scars you may need deeper penetration. Never use deeper needles like 1mm or above without dermatologist consultation. And remember dermarollers greater than 0.3 mm in length are not approved by the FDA – Food and Drug Administration Department.

  1. What size is recommended for Hair loss Treatment?

For Hair growth to use it on a receding hair line or even to grow a patchy beard, you can use 0.25 mm weekly twice or 0.5mm derma roller weekly once. They come in stainless steel or titanium needles and Titanium needles are more durable.


  1. How to use Derma Roller for Baldness Treatment ?

Well, First of all you must remember to take some precautions on every use to avoid the chances of infection.

  1. Either use a fresh box packed derma roller every time or disinfect it by soaking in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol, Soak it for approximately 10 to 15 minutes before every use. You can also use 6% hydrogen peroxide easily available at your local medical store. Its very inexpensive device and costs between 5 to 10 USD. You can purchase it even online, I have provided the links in description below.
    Well, the next precaution is:
  2. Never use somebody else’s derma roller on yourself. This can transfer infections including HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, though its very rare if safety precautions followed properly.
  3. Also beware, some cheap quality derma roller needles can break into your skin, not too much to worry if its less than 0.5mm.
  4. Wash your face with a mild soap before starting the procedure.
  5. Local anaesthetic gel or cream or what you call as numbing cream is not required for 0.5mm or less micro needling because it will not cause any pain.
  6. HOW TO USE? Nothing complicated. Just place the device on your receding hair line or bald patch and roll it 6 – 10 times in each direction in different directions, just to make sure you are covering the entire skin for best results. Keep it like – one square inch every time, roll it in vertical direction 6 to 10 times – like 1 2 3 4 5 6 and then change to horizontal direction and roll again 6 to 10 times 1 2 3 4 5 6 and then optionally repeat in diagonally opposite directions. That’s it. The same derma rollers can be used for acne scar removal or depigmentation on face. You can additionally apply fresh aloe vera gel or vitamin C serum for much better results.


  1. Now Before the Secret Miracle combo treatment for Hair loss, I shall list out some side effects of this derma rolling:
  2. The area may develop redness for a couple of hours or more. That’s completely normal, nothing to panic.
  3. Skin may appear a bit swollen and hot for few hours.
  4. If irritation persists, please consults a doctor. Also do not use if you have bleeding tendencies.
  5. Now Finally, the Magical Treatment for Hairloss. Derma Roller combination with Minoxidil has shown great results according to a study. So Whats the protocol? You use a 0.25 or 0.3mm derma roller weekly once initially then weekly twice along with minoxidil solution. You can apply minoxidil before derma rolling or after derma rolling, It does not really matter. You should see the results in 3 to 6 months. This has also been successfully used in androgenetic alopecia, alopecia aerata and hair loss in women. You can also combine Mesotherapy with anti hair loss solution and PRP – that’s platelet rich plasma therapy with derma rollers. You can watch my detailed video on How PRP and mesotherapy is done from HERE.

Disclamier: Despite the fact that plasma needling is already being performed in many clinics and practices, the efficacy of this technique has yet to be confirmed in large-scale controlled clinical trials. Use at your own risk! All this information is  based on university research articles, the links are provided in the description of this video.


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NEW DRUG WAY-316606 Grows Hair in 2 Days | Latest Health News 2019

Hello Friends and Patients. Today am extremely excited to present this latest innovation in dermatology – a new drug developed by scientists that can cure baldness, treat hairloss and grow hair by follicular stimulation as early as in two days.

Hair loss and baldness is a common disorder and can lead to psychological distress.  Till now, there are only two proven drugs that help promote hair growth but too gradually. These are Finasteride 1mg only for men and Minoxidil solution 2 % to 15% for both men and women. Finasteride is known to produce erectile dysfunction and loss of libido as its side effect and minoxidil can cause reversal hair loss if you discontinue its use.

Recently a paper authored by a scientist from the Department of Dermatology at the University of Manchester have presented with a new compound, called WAY-316606 which was originally developed for osteoporosis. This drug enhanced hair growth in samples of human hair follicles from hair transplant patients in a small study and the effect was seen as early as in just two days.

The team discovered its effectiveness by first testing a drug called cyclosporin A, that’s been shown to boost hair growth in the past. The problem with cyclosporin A is its an immunosuppressant drug that’s usually used on people receiving organ transplants and cancer patients. So,  it’s too toxic for regular use.  During this process, the team analyzed how it promotes hair growth on a molecular level and then discovered that WAY-316606 can do the same thing but without side effects.

So the Good news is the drug WAY-316606 may soon be entering human hair growth clinical trials with the help of an Italian pharmaceutical company.

The Bad news is: The concern with the new drug, WAY-316606. And that it affects the regulation of the body’s Wnt pathway, in which aberrant regulation is known to be linked to increased cancer risk. But the scientists say they still do not know if this particular drug will increase cancer risk.

In the paper, the researchers acknowledge the dangers of messing with Wnt, but they explain that the drug’s specific mechanism of action inside cells might allow it to avoid cancer.

So, all baldies, keep your fingers crossed. If this drug passes the trials and approved for use on humans, this will revolutionize the treatment of hairloss and cure baldness in days.

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Stay healthy!
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