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VcareHospital.com – Virtual Care Hospital Health tips channel for Healthy Living with Healthy Foods and Healthy Recipes with correct knowledge and medical facts. – VCARE

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Also features videos and articles on health recipes and healthy foods for weight loss, weight gain, hairloss, diy health tips and tricks for fitness and well being. Use our Natural cures and home remedies to prevent and cure some common diseases. Presentations are by well qualified Medical Doctors and More experts will be added in our Panel.

  • Dr. S.F.B.Nazir
  • Dr. Manjunath A B
  • Dr. Zain Sarmast
  • Dr. Abhijeet
  • Dr. Sai Tej
  • Dr. Divya


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Our Specialists

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Radiologist by profession and has keen interest in providing patient health educational lectures with nice audio-visual presentations – ADMIN and Founder.

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Manjunath AB, MBBS

Musculoskeletal Radiologist with interest in topics like Pain management and muscular  and skeletal diseases.

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Zain Sarmast, MBBS

Interested in all health topics and imparting health education.



Benefits from Vcare Hospital

Vcare offers its services completely free to all in the form of videos and articles on how to be healthy with authentic informational videos on disease treatments and prevention.

Please read our disclaimers and terms and conditions.

Its simply delivering authentic health knowledge by qualified doctors and includes correct patient education on treatment tips and prevention tips for a healthy living.

We have a series of videos intelligently prepared by our expert doctors which makes it easy for patients and people to understand, follow and stay healthy!


We have a youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/vcare – easy to remember link. We also intend to add content on our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/vcarehosp


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