8 Vital Functions of Cholesterol | Its Important

I randomly asked some of my patients.  “What is cholesterol?”  I got the following answers from well educated patients:

  • “Bad fats.”
  • “Blocks your blood vessels.”
  •  “You get it from Fatty and Oily foods.”
  • “Bad for your heart.”

Actually, cholesterol isn’t a fat, nor does it come from eating fat. In fact, every cell in the body makes cholesterol. If we eat more cholesterol, our cells make less. And.. If cholesterol is bad for our body then, why would our cells be making it?


  1. Very important to maintain Cell Membrane integrity.
  2. Synthesis of Vitamin D in the Skin by Sunlight. When sunshine strikes the skin, it converts a substance in the skin called 7-dehydrocholesterol into vitamin D Vitamin D is so important for calcium regulation and immune functions of our body, and without this our bones could break easily and our immune functions will be supressed and we would be prone for frequent infections.
  3. Synthesis of Testosterone – that’s The Male sex hormone which is very important youth hormone for stamina and muscle mass.
  4. Synthesis of Progesterone – which is an important hormone for brain function, as well as regulation of menses in women
  5. Synthesis of Oestrogen – which is a female sex hormone and very important to maintain all female functions.
  6. Synthesis of Cortisol – which is Also called Stress hormone produced when your body is in stress.
  7. Synthesis of Bile Juice by liver – which is so important for the digestion of oils and fats, and also absorption of very vital vitamins A, D, E, and K.
  8. For Myelin Sheath Production – it’s a sheath that protects nerves and helps conduction of signals similar to plastic insulation around an electrical wire.

The bottom line is:
the Lack of cholesterol results in early aging, reduced immunity, disturbed reproductive functions, depression, Vitamin D deficiency and a series of health problems.

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