6 Ways CIGARETTE SMOKING Affects Hair loss and Hair thinning

In today’s post we will discuss on the effects of tobacco smoking on skin and hair. Not only scalp hair but also beard growth is affected! We will also look into the best suggestions and remedies for smokers to prevent hair loss.

Smoking, besides being the single most preventable cause and risk factor for major lung diseases like Obstructive airway disease, Lung cancer and heart diseases, tobacco smoking has been associated with adverse effects on skin and hair!. Many recent research studies have indicated a significant relationship between smoking and baldness.

You know, All of us are well aware of how harmful the chemicals in cigarette smoke are to your body, but did you know they may also contribute not only to hair loss but also to premature greying of hair?

According to a number of scientific studies, there are many surprising mechanisms by which cigarette smoke can trigger hair loss. Please watch this till the end!

#1: Reduced Skin Circulation:
Hair follicles need oxygen, nutrients and minerals to produce healthy hair. The toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke can shrink your micro blood vessels in skin and reduces blood flow to the hair follicles. This affects the hair growth cycle and leads to noticeable hair loss and hair thinning. Being a smoker and eating a well balanced and nutritious food will not benefit, unless you quit smoking.

#2: Effect on Immune System:
Cigarette smoking can damage your immune system, which can lead to diseases or illnesses that cause hair loss. A poor immune system may also increase your chances of a bacterial or fungal infections on the scalp, which can prevent your follicles from producing healthy hair.

#3: DNA damage and Micro inflammation of the hair follicle are also believed to damage your hair due to the toxins present in cigarette smoke.

#4: Environmental Pollution:
It’s not just inhaling cigarette smoke that can harm your hair follicles. If you regularly smoke at home or in a car with the windows rolled up, you are at increased risk. While most hair loss is genetic that is female or male pattern baldness, research studies have linked thinning hair to environmental factors. Polluted air can exacerbate genetic hair loss and the carcinogens in smoke-filled air can obstruct the mechanisms that produce the hair protein – keratin.

#5: Smoking and Premature Hair Greying and Premature Aging:
Many studies suggests that there is a significant relationship between onset of gray hair before the age of 30 and cigarette smoking. Links to all studies are provided in description below for your reference.

#6: Smoking and Beard Growth:
Yes! There is a strong association between smoking and slow or hampered facial hair growth. The mechanisms involved are the same as discussed earlier. One more point to note is: Even Passive smoking or smoke-to-skin contact can also affect facial and scalp hair!


So, What’s the Remedy ?

The only way out is STOP! SMOKING!
Finding a Reason to quit smoking is the best strategy to come out of the habit! The fear of going bald and the fear of premature skin aging should be the most powerful reasons to quit smoking. This even lowers your chance of getting lung cancer, heart disease, or other conditions.






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