5 Surprising Cholesterol Myths and Facts

Are you worried about high Cholesterol levels? Stop worrying about it and Check out these 5 common myths and facts about high cholesterol. If you think you know these already, there may be a few more surprises for you.

Normal Values: Americans have the highest cholesterol in the world according to WHO statistics.

So What are the Normal Levels in Adults: The blood test is called LIPID Profile and  the Desirable or Normal Lipid Profile includes:

Total cholesterol: Desirable level < 200 mg/dl

LDL or “bad” cholesterol – Desirable level < 100 mg/dl

HDL  or “good” cholesterol – Desirable level  > 60 mg/dl

Triglyceride or Fat Levels in blood – Desirable level  < 150 mg/dl

  1. Cholesterol is BAD: When most people hear about “cholesterol” they think its something “bad.” This is not always true and the reality is more complex. High cholesterol can be dangerous, but cholesterol itself is essential for various important  body functions like the synthesis of sex hormones, Vitamin D production, cell membrane making and integrity and so on.

    How does high cholesterol cause heart disease?
    LDL or bad cholesterol is the main source of forming atherosclerotic plaque or clogging your arteries. HDL or the good cholesterol actually works to clear the bad cholesterol from the blood.

  2. Eating cholesterol increases your bad cholesterol. Most of the cholesterol circulating in your blood is manufactured by your liver. It’s actually not made from the cholesterol in your diet. The cholesterol medications prevent this synthesis by blocking the enzyme HMG Co-A reductase which is responsible for cholesterol production.  So if your dietary intake of cholesterol is high, then your body or liver need not manufacture that much cholesterol.
  3. Eggs are evil. It’s true that egg yolk is a source of dietary cholesterol. Though eggs are high in cholesterol, but the effect of eggs on blood cholesterol is minimal when compared with the effect of trans fats and saturated fats. Dietary Guidelines recommend eating less than 300 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol a day. And generally one large chicken egg has only about 186 mgs of cholesterol — all of which is found in the yolk.

But dietary cholesterol isn’t nearly as dangerous as was once thought. Only some of the cholesterol in food ends up as cholesterol in your bloodstream, and if your dietary cholesterol intake rises, your body compensates by producing less cholesterol of its own.

  1. Your cholesterol should be as low as possible in blood. This is not true. Certain levels of cholesterol needs to be maintained for many important functions in your body. Infact People with too-low levels of cholesterol have increased risk of death from other non-heart-related issues. Please checkout my video on the important functions of Cholesterol from the end screen links.
  2. Drugs are the only way to reduce high cholesterol levels. Most drugs actually lower the cholesterol the bad as well as the good cholesterol. But we need the Good cholesterol for our protection. SO how do we achieve this?

The most important way out is a balanced Diet and exercise!  Check out my video on the 10 natural ways or remedies to reduce your bad cholesterol from end screen link or from description link.

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